The TRAFiX API enables the capability for Proprietary and/or 3rd Party Systems to connect with the TRAFiX Network for the sending and receiving of client order flow. The API significantly reduces the time to Market by providing a normalized interface without the complexity of integrating with each end point individually.

  • Connectivity direct to TRAFiX Server or via TRAFiX EMS/OMS Terminal
  • Interface for custom OMS for routing/receiving orders
  • Support for Equity, Option and MultiLeg Orders
  • Receive orders from various FIX networks
  • Route orders to multiple exchanges, brokers, Dark Pools and ATS
  • Support for routing destination specific order types
  • Support for routing Algorithmic orders to different venues
  • Integrated Risk and Position Management
  • Interfaces for real-time Positions monitoring
  • Manual update of Positions for Done away trades
  • Support for Start of Day Positions
  • Real-time Order Marking for Equity and Option
  • Support to override Order Marking on per order basis
  • C# and VBA support available
  • Seamless integration with TRAFiX application offerings
  • Support for Quantity based and non-Quantity based Easy to Borrow lists

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