Risk Controls

TRAFiX provides an optional pre-trade Risk Management System to its EMS/OMS clients which allows permissioned users the ability to control account, trader, destination & overall firm limits in real-time, including all 15c3-5 required checks. This interface empowers administrators intraday access to add and/or modify risk limits, turn on/off trading ability, update easy-to-borrow locate information, and much more; as well as the ability to configure proactive alert notifications to inform user(s) of approaching limits. Risk Audit files will be sent to the appropriate users each day to show all relevant Risk Management actions.

  • SEC Rule 15c3-5 compliant
  • Pre-trade, post-trade and EOD risk controls
  • Real-time risk synchronization
  • Low latency solution within 10 us
  • Equity and Options
  • Firm, Account(s), User configuration

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