OMS (Order Management Systems)

TRAFiX OMS is a fully redundant trading application that supports Domestic & International trading of Equities, Options & Complex Options on a single integrated platform. The system helps reduce manual processes and streamlines your workflow throughout the entire order lifecycle – beginning with order initiation down to settlement & regulatory reporting. The platform is completely customizable and allows users to design the entire look & feel including window layouts, color schemes, display data and more. The OMS can be white-labeled and redistributed directly to your customers or can be used internally as your firm’s in-house OMS.


Buy-side trading desks continuously pursue goals of maximizing efficiency and best execution. The TRAFIX OMS provides firms a competitive advantage of accessing new markets and venues while providing operational controls to manage risk and bring value to their investors.


Broker-dealers and are faced with managing technology costs, regulatory requirements and satisfying rapidly changing market complexities to facilitate agency and principal based trading. The TRAFIX OMS provides firms a multi-asset solution while providing operational controls to manage risk, compliance, and complex workflows to add value to their clients.

  • Enterprise Architecture allowing for rapid growth & scalability
  • Complete paperless automation of order lifecycle
  • Sophisticated proactive & reactive alerting capabilities
  • Integrated Risk & Position management solutions
  • CATS, OATS, ACT & extensive Compliance reporting
  • Proprietary High Speed FIX engine
  • Connect to any inbound customer FIX network or outbound execution venue
  • Import & Export lists directly to & from the platform
  • System support of one or multiple clearing firms for full delivery of order & allocation information
  • Allocation platform allowing users to manually enter customer allocations in real-time or receive allocations over FIX
  • Real-time configuration & component changes providing immediate fulfillment of customer requests
  • Market data integration allowing for real-time views of Level 1, Level 2, Charts, Graphs & Greek calculations
  • Cloud-based user settings allowing traders to login from anywhere with same layout & settings
  • Supervisory & administrative controls
  • Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT NMS) Reporting
  • Automated API & Spreadsheet Integration
  • Highly experienced & rapidly responsive support team

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