EMS (Execution Management Systems)

TRAFiX EMS is a fully redundant trading application that supports Global trading of Equities, Options & Complex Options on a single integrated platform. The system is fully customizable and provides users with high speed access to order generation & routing to unlimited execution sources. The EMS can be white-labeled and redistributed directly to your customers or can be used internally as your firm’s in-house EMS.

  • High Speed, Scalable Architecture
  • Full Global Trading Capabilities in a Single Platform with Enhanced Regional Capabilities
    • Canadian Market Access and Regional Trading
    • EMEA Trade Reporting and Compliance
  • Regional Offices & Employees Providing 24X6 Real-time Support Services
  • Fully Customizable Platform to Accommodate Different Customer Needs
  • Proprietary High Speed FIX Engines
  • Global FIX Access to Unlimited Execution Venues
  • Real-time Position Management Including Realized & Unrealized P&L
  • New Order & Modification Hot Keys Enabling Rapid Trading & Modification Abilities
  • Global Market Data Integrations Providing Real-time Views of Level 1, 2, Charts, Graphs & Greek Calculations
  • Security Master Integration
  • Available as a Fully White-labeled Solution that can be Provided to your Customers
  • Supervisory Oversight & Administrative Controls
  • Multi-Currency Support; Currency Displayed in Local & USD
  • FX Rate Calculations / Conversions, Stamp Taxes, Fees & Commission Schedules
  • Multi-prime, Custody & Clearing Relationship Support
  • Sophisticated Proactive & Reactive Alerting Capabilities
  • Cloud-based User Settings Allowing Traders to Login from Anywhere with Same Layout & Settings

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